Welcome to WUTIF Capital (VCC) Inc – an angel fund created by angel investors for Entrepreneurs in British Columbia, B.C.

WUTIF allows investors to enjoy suberb tax breaks – not to mention good potential upside from a large investment portfolio!

On a $10,000 investment,  investors can get back up to $7,980 thanks to two tax incentives:

  • 30% refundable* tax credit from the B.C. government
  • 49.8% (max) in RRSP deductions or..
    use cash already in an RRSP and get 30% provincial credit, tax-free
    [*this is as good as cash. If you have no income or taxes owing, you get a cheque]

Shares are being offered at $14.75 and the tax credits can be applied to your 2018 tax return!

Join more than 150 angel investors who have invested in over 80 promising ventures.

For more details, go to Investors Page.