Co-Investment Opportunities

Herein are listed some of the companies in which WUTIF is currently negotiating or considering a new or follow-on investment. These companies are open to discussions with accredited investors who may wish to co-invest with WUTIF. Interested parties are invited to contact WUTIF for additional details.

VoxCell BioInnovation (current investee) is raising $1M CAD through a Common Share offering and has 40% still available, which they are looking to close by mid August. VoxCell has created a line of solutions for the drug development industry. Their novel BioInks and 3D printed, human-like Tissue Models can be used for more meaningful in vitro testing. Their solutions will increase confidence in new drug candidates and decrease the failure rate (currently more than 95% of new drugs in the pipeline fail), ultimately impacting the speed at which new therapies can get to market.   

Bionic Power (current investee) is raising $1.5M CAD through a Common Share offering with 1:1 warrants or a Convertible Debenture at prime plus 2%, and has 40% of the round still available. Bionic Power has developed a smart, lightweight, class 1 device that assists patients suffering with crouch gait. They are currently at the beginning of the commercialization stage and have distribution partners secured for the US and Italy. Manufacturing of the first batch of their product is scheduled for August 2023.

Cam-Do Solutions Inc: (current investee) is offering US$2 million of Convertible Notes with 8% simple interest, and Conversion of the Indebtedness  (Principal + Interest) into shares at 80% of the price of a Qualified Financing (minimum US$2.0 million) within 18-24 months.   The proceeds will be used for the refinement of the Company’s Jobsite Intelligence/Computer Vision solution to reduce workplace accidents and increase productivity in construction.

Breeze Traffic: (investment pending) is AI vision software company that integrates with existing traffic cameras to provide municipalities with emissions data to help them reach their net zero obligations. They are offering CAD$500,000 in Common Shares at a $3M pre-money valuation.

Perfectly Snug: (investment pending) has developed the next generation of adaptive cooling and heating smart mattress toppers. Their software and sensors automatically regulate the temperature output to maintain your desired body temperature throughout the night. They are offering CAD$2,500,000 in preferred shares at an $8.5M pre-money valuation, with a 1x liquidation preference.

Spraywerx: (investment pending) is a nanotech company that has developed and commercialized thermal spray coating systems, equipment and technology that accommodates ecologically friendly and technically advanced coating materials. They are offering CAD$1,500,000 in convertible preferred shares at a $5.2M pre-money valuation, with a 1x liquidation preference.