WUTIF started making investments in late 2004 and to date has invested $19.7 million in more than 140 companies in British Columbia.

As of June 30, 2023, 21 companies produced profitable returns to WUTIF. These companies include 2 loans plus 19 equity investments in Brightside, Clearvision, Daiya Foods, Agreement Express, Neurio, Mazza Innovations, Ecotagious, Clevest, ehsAI, Aquatic Informatics, Agilik, Decipher Biosciences, Redlen, Neovasc, Clique Media and Guard RFID and the partial sale of shares in Good Natured Products, Electrameccanica Vehicles, and Zymeworks.

While many under-performing companies have been written down (or off), there are more than 80 active companies that are growing and increasing in value.

In our 2018 fiscal year, we received a total of $4,945,896 in cash proceeds from the sale of all or part of our shareholdings in 7 companies: Daiya Foods Inc., Electrameccanica Vehicles Corp, Bitlit Media Inc., InMed Pharma Inc., Zymeworks Inc., Agreement Express Inc., and Quickmobile Inc. Our cost of these investments was $522,729. Only Bitlit and Quickmobile were unprofitable. InMed Pharma and Zymeworks were partial exits and will likely be fully liquidated in the near future. During the 2018 year, we invested $650K in 6 new companies and 3 follow-on investments.

In our 2019 fiscal year, we received $3.99 million, mostly from Neurio Inc., on a cost of $160K. In fiscal 2019, we invested $1M in 9 new companies and 6 follow-on investments.

In our 2020 fiscal year, we received $988K mainly from 3 exits (Ecotagious, Mazza, and Zymeworks). During the year, we invested $2.2M in 26 companies (19 new and 7 follow-on).

In our 2021 fiscal year (to June 30, 2021), we received $2.34M primarily from 6 exits (Aquatic Informatics, Clevest Solutions, Moore & Gsapercz and Good Natured Products), Agilik Technologies and Decipher Biosciences). During the year, we invested $3.1M in 36 companies (15 new and 21 follow-on).

In our 2022 fiscal year (to June 30, 2022), we received $1.5M from 2 exits (Redlen Technologies and Clique Media).  During the year, we made 17 new investments for $1.98M and 24 follow-on investments for $1.89M.

In our 2023 fiscal year (to June 30, 2023), we received $380K from 1 exit (Guard RFID). During the year, we made 6 new investments for $680K and 15 follow-on investments for $946K.

A complete listing of all companies that WUTIF has invested in, along with financial information, is available to current investors of WUTIF on the confidential page for shareholders. Our current portfolio companies are featured below. All of these – except where otherwise noted – are private companies. Those that have been liquidated or written off are not shown.

A&K Robotics Inc (2019)

A&K develops intelligent navigation systems that transform manual machines into self-driving robots that move safely around people and objects. One example of that is people movers at airports. Another example is the autonomous cleaning equipment for commercial buildings.

Actenum Corp. (2004)

Actenum, a Simon Fraser University spin-off in the field of constraint-based decision-making, now has major oil companies using its scheduling product. The company is well financed and on a solid growth path. Actenum’s schedule optimization software improves well delivery efficiency, optimize resource use, and meet cost and production goals. In 2022 and 2023, Actenum paid a dividend to its shareholders – something that’s unusual for a tech company.

AiDANT Intelligent Technology Inc. (2021)

AiDANT is built on behavior-recognition Artificial Intelligence that uses true machine-learning rather than pixel recognition. This means more accurate security alerts and the ability to identify and react to behavioral events in real-time.

Agilik Technologies Inc. (2019)

Agilik is a spin-off from Bionic Power Inc., another WUTIF Company. As such, WUTIF received founder shares for an investment of only $10,000. The Company is producing ExoStep™ – an exoskeleton designed to improve crouch gait, often seen in persons with cerebral palsy, spina bifida, and other knee-extension-deficiency disorders. In January, 2021 Agilik was re-acquired by BionicPower for $27,410.

Agility Forex (2022)

Agility provides individuals and businesses with foreign exchange services at prices that are competitive with bank rates. It also allows users to do make cross-border transfers of funds. They are regulated by FINTRAC, the Canadian government agency that oversees the financial industry. All data flows use 256-bit encryption. Automated online checks, advanced anti-fraud safeguards and insurance coverage make Agility Forex a safer, faster way to transfer money.

Alpha-9 Theranostics Inc. (2020)

This is a clinical-stage radiopharmaceutical company, developing new theranostic (diagnostic and therapeutic) products that can change how cancer is treated. The scientific founders of Alpha-9 have significant know-how and are considered world experts in radiopharmaceuticals, chemistry, and molecular design. The Company’s focus is on the effective treatment of metastatic cancer. They are developing a breakthrough in chemistry that now enables something not previously possible, a simple, one-step attachment of fluorine-18, considered the best imaging agent, to any peptide or protein cancer-targeting agent. This technology can significantly expand the PETscan market.

Apera AI Inc. (2021)

Apera is an AI technology company developing novel machine vision technology which will enable robots, automated guided vehicles and personal robots to perform complex tasks with human-like vision. They are directing their research, technology and marketing efforts to the global automotive sector and are targeting soft automation including consumer electronics, consumer products manufacturing and packaging automation.

Aprio Inc. (2004)

Aprio Inc, is a Software-as-a-Service company that provides corporations with Board governance software to give directors better access to corporate records and oversight documents. Aprio is one of WUTIF’s first investments and has taken a long time to advance. Recruiting a new CEO has paid off for the firm and 2017 sales increased to $1.1M from $766K a year earlier. In 2017, Aprio posted its first bottom-line profit.

Arbutus Medical Inc. (2020)

Arbutus Medical makes simple orthopedic power tools for hospitals. In 2014, co-founders of Arbutus Medical and surgeons from the Uganda Sustainable Trauma Orthopaedic Program came together to solve a crisis. In low-income countries, frequent car accident injuries drive high demand for orthopedic surgery. But specialized drills are expensive and unavailable, forcing doctors to use slow, imprecise, manual drills that often result in lasting disabilities. Plus, sterilizing these in-demand tools after each surgery takes a long time, leaving patients waiting for their desperately needed surgery. Arbutus Medical designed a simple, yet long-lasting solution: a waterproof, sterilizable cover that allows a non-sterile, powered drill to safely perform surgical bone drilling. After partnering with known brands such as DeWalt, the company designed a line of surgical devices that are FDA-registered, and Health Canada licensed.

ARC Medical Inc. (2021)

Arc Medical’s liquid device provides healthier healing for patients recovering from surgical procedures. Applied in an abdominal or pelvic laparoscopic or an open surgical site, this device immediately flows throughout the intraperitoneal site and forms a barrier on all tissues that prevents adhesions from forming throughout the site.

Augurex Life Sciences Corp. (2007)

Augurex is a biotechnology company that is focused on the development of biomarkers, which are substances in the body that inform patient conditions to assist in their diagnosis and to help optimize therapy selection and patient management. Extracellular 14-3-3η protein represents the company’s first biomarker and also serves as a drug target for the potential treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (RA), a particularly debilitative form of arthritis. By commercializing a biomarker for arthritis, Augurex is enabling a personalized medicine application for a potentially much larger commercial market and shareholder exit.

Avestec Technologies Inc. (2020)

Based in North Vancouver, Avestec offers Intelligent Robotic Solutions for asset inspection in a verity of industries including oil & gas, mining. Avestec offers “Intelligent Robotic Inspection” as a revolutionary approach that provides accurate contact-based inspection (e.g. oil storage tanks) to fulfill industrial inspection standards thereby eliminating the risks associated with human-based inspections.

Avivo Biomedical Inc. (2022)

Avivo, formerly known as ABOzymes is an early-stage enterprise with an innovative, unique, and proprietary platform that enables a world where a person’s blood type is no longer the first constraint when patients need life-saving organ transplants or blood transfusions.

BioConscious Technologies Inc. (2018)

BioConscious has created the Diabits app –  a personalized diabetes management tool for people with type I and type II diabetes. Using an AI algorithm, the Diabits app builds a personalized model of a person’s blood sugar. The model allows one to receive estimates about one’s blood sugar up to 60 minutes ahead of time to help avoid highs and lows.

BioForm Technologies (2023)

BioForm has developed a novel production process for creating biodegradable plastic alternatives. In addition to developing their own, versatile, biodegradable plastic alternatives with water, kelp and wood-pulp fiber, their patented production method can be licensed to support the trending movement away from plastic use.  

Bionic Power Inc. (2007)

This firm is an SFU spin-off that is commercializing a biomechanical energy harvester (i.e. harvesting power from walking to re-charge batteries) for military applications. In late 2021, a new CEO was recruited and the Company changed its focus to adapt its device to assist children who are suffering from crouchgate.

Brain1st Program Inc. (2021)

BrainAhead is a program that uses neurological and clinical based strategies to activate students’ brains, resulting in higher-level functioning in kindergarten to grade five classrooms.

Cam-Do Solutions Inc. (2015)

CamDo Solutions Inc. produces photographic products for challenging applications. The Company makes a number of enhancements for the popular GoPro one of cameras permitting them to be used for special time lapse capture. The Company also has its own line of cameras focused on the construction industry.

Carbon Engineering Inc. (2018)

Carbon Engineering is commercializing two clean energy technologies that can rapidly accelerate the shift to a net-zero world: their Direct Air Capture technology can deliver large-scale negative emissions by removing carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere; and their AIR TO FUELS™ technology can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of transportation by creating clean synthetic fuels – made from air, water and renewable power.

CarboNet (2023)

CarboNet is transforming water treatment with a new class of chemistry. They use nanotechnology to develop chemical formulas that are able to remove contaminants from water like never before. They are currently collaborating with companies in the oil & gas, mining and agriculture industries. They’re on a mission to accelerate the World’s transition to recycled water. 

Care2Talk Technologies Ltd. (2022)

Care2Talk has developed an all in one platform for older adults in Memory Care, SNF, AL, IL to connect with their loved ones & provider groups with ease. Care2Talk is the most accessible mobile app solution to make secure and fast video calls to family, friends and care providers.  Care2Talk is an iOS/Android App which uses a specially designed interface on mobile or tablet device to create an easy-to-use video chat tool for those with cognitive impairments or other limitations. This includes conditions associated with: Aging & Dementia, Cognitive and Developmental Disabilities, Brain Injuries, Vision and Hearing Impairments (CC),  Physical Disabilities & Mobility Restrictions.

Careteam Technologies Inc. (2018)

Careteam is a healthcare-grade team collaboration platform which brings together health care professionals, the patient and personal support team with an integrated care plan, instant communications, and population analytics to enable transitions, complex chronic care, and innovation in a fragmented health care environment. Careteam creates an ecosystem of data, integration and security on which healthcare apps and AI are built.

Central City Brewers and Distillers Ltd. (2020)

CCBD is a producer of fine craft beer and distilled beverages. The company is also a contract manufacturer for well-known brands such as the NUDE™ vodka drink. The company also operates a restaurant in downtown Vancouver and owns two retail liquor store outlets. The company is currently expanding its operations in Surrey, B.C.

Chopvalue Manufacturing Inc. (2017)

Chopvalue recycles bamboo (eg chopsticks). ChopValue developed a unique production process using water-based glue, heat, and pressure to transform these under-utilized resources into new materials. Understanding and appreciating the value of bamboo as the fastest growing wooden grass on earth is their expertise and the motivation to give chopsticks a second life in high performing design products.

Clad Innovations Inc. (2019)

Doing business as TZOA, Clad manufactures a product line, HAVEN™ which has evolved from an indoor air quality monitor into an ecosystem that not only tracks the air but provides actionable insights and uses the HVAC system to improve a home’s air quality.

CodeZero Technologies Inc. (2022)

CodeZero has developed a platform for Kubernetes software developers. CodeZero’s framework simplifies Kubernetes DevOps workflow, reduces the chances of configuration errors, and allows developers to confidently deploy live updates anytime – without impacting customers’ business operations.

Connection Point Systems Inc. (2021)

ConnectionPoint provides companies, non-profit networks, and agencies with a white-label, enterprise-grade crowdfunding and crowd-financing platform.

Creatus Biosciences Inc. (2018)

Creatus is developing one of the most attractive mixed-sugar biorefinery platforms in the industry. The company is a UBC Spin-off and, over the past four years, has grown from four to thirteen scientists and entrepreneurs/ WUTIF invested $100K in 2018 and this year, increased its investment to $200K. The company is focused on commercializing its Xylitol Bioproduction System on which it has been issued a U.S. patent. It has also developed a LAB program to address the issue of bacterial contamination in industrial ethanol fermentations without the use of antibiotics.

Crush Dynamics Inc. (2022)

Born in Canada’s scenic Okanagan wine rich region, CrushDynamics has been focused on doing great things with wine derivatives since 2016.  Discarded grape pomace, even after pressing during the wine making process, is still exceptionally rich in phenolic compounds, fiber, and antioxidant properties due to anthocyanins, hydroxybenzoic acid, and hydroxycinnamic acid contained in the grape skins and seeds. After years of working with traditional methods for valorizing wine making output, we decided there had to be a better way.  Working with some of the leading wine scientists in Canada, CrushDynamics is pioneering a new, proprietary process for transforming winery derivatives into highly beneficial and valuable nutrition.​ CrushDynamic’s mission is to turn high quality, rich wine derivative material into healthy, nutritional food with alchemic powers.

CuePath Innovations Inc. (2021)

CuePath improves the medication adherence of adults with chronic conditions by monitoring adherence and providing timely outreach to resolve the underlying causes of non-adherence. They deliver this innovative virtual service through their Home Care Agency and Pharmacy Partners.

Daanaa Resolution Inc. (2021)

Daanaa is the only chip-based technology that allows energy to be transferred freely, safely, and efficiently. Through rigorous research, cutting-edge engineering, and a passion for sustainability, Daanaa partners with ambitious manufacturers to overcome energy challenges previously constrained by the limitations of physical hardware.

DeepND Inc. (2022)

DeepND is a UBC spin-off that has developed Pocketed to help companies find capital, especially non-dilutive capital to grow. Pocketed makes grant funding more accessible to every business owner by using a proprietary grant-matching tool.

Examind AI Inc. (2021)

Examind addresses the challenges around academic integrity. They help instructors deliver great assessments while cutting their workload by 80%. For students, Examind’s friendly design reduces anxiety and cheating without feeling invasive. Instructors can personalize every assessment to every student with EXAMIND’s dynamic questions.

Frontly Software Inc. (2022)

The Frontly App allows software developers to build user interfaces in minutes. In just minutes, developers can get a functional interface that connects their data to existing API with their no-code mapping tool. 

General Fusion Inc. (2007)

General Fusion is working on a new, patent pending concept based on a recent development in fusion research called Magnetized Target Fusion (MTF). MTF has been building momentum in the fusion community for a few years now. It is the goal of General Fusion to demonstrate this new clean, safe and economical concept. The scientific establishment has spent billions over the last 50 years studying ways of building a practical fusion reactor to produce power. Slow, but steady progress has been maintained and today there is a shift from “can it be done?” to “how can we do it economically?” in the fusion research community. The goal of General Fusion is to produce power economically and safely from by applying fusion theory.

Good Natured Products Inc. (2012) TSXV:GDNP

GDNP makes plastics from plants as alternatives to oil-based plastics. The Company is focused on designing, producing and distributing two kinds of high performance plastics: Polysole®, a high performance plastic made from plants that is compostable and Traverse™, a biocomposite made by mixing conventional plastic with plant-based fibers.

Headcheck Health Inc. (2022)

Headcheck is an all-in-one concussion platform for sports team managers. It simplifies the process of executing and monitoring concussion protocols.

Human in Motion Robotics Inc. (2019)

Along with researchers at Simon Fraser University, HMR is developing a robotic exoskeleton that will enable individuals unable to walk on their own with a device that will enable them to walk without an attendant. WUTIF invested $100K in an investment round whereby the company raised a total of $2.7M.

Ibbaka Performance Inc. (2020)

Ibbaka provides its data analytic tools to corporations to produce effective pricing strategies. Their customers have, on average, more than doubled their average selling price. Ibbaka’s founder was also the founder of another WUTIF investee, Agreement Express, in which WUTIF realized a 700% return on its investment.

Ideon Technologies Inc. (2020)

Ideon a pioneer in the application of cosmic-ray muon tomography. Their discovery platform provides x-ray-like visibility up to 1 km beneath the Earth’s surface, much like medical tomography images the interior of the body using x-rays. Using proprietary detectors, imaging systems, inversion technologies, and artificial intelligence, they map the intensity of cosmic-ray muons underground and construct detailed 3D density profiles of subsurface anomalies. This technology has the potential to transform the mining industry.

INETCO Systems Ltd. (2007)

INETCO Insight is the first universally-applicable business transaction intelligence product line for enterprises. It monitors network traffic in real-time to decode and analyze transaction flow. It correlates full transaction detail across layers 3-7, preserving valuable network- and application-layer information to speed problem-solving efforts. Multiple application transaction flows can be collected and compared in the web interface, helping IT managers understand complex application interaction problems.

Innergex Renewable Energy Inc. (2007) TSE:INE

Innergex is a Canadian leader in renewable energy with 1,725MW of net installed capacity. WUTIF originally invested in Plutonic Power, a B.C. run-of-river power producer in 2007, a company that was acquired by Alterra Power which, in turn, was acquired by Innergex. WUTIF holds 6,619 shares currently trading at $22.84 (Sep 18, 2020) compared to $15 a year earlier.

Interactive Health International Inc. (2022)

CyberPatient is a 24/7 virtual hospital where students can interact with patients to practice and sharpen their skills for history taking, physical examinations, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up. Medical students can practice (and fail) repeatedly, safely and in their own time. CyberPatient mimics the real-world clinic experience to improves students’ competence and confidence before having to work on live patients (Standardized or real patients). By providing a safe, pressure-free virtual environment with formative feedback for continuous improvement, CyberPatient is the bridge between the theory and application of learning helping create confident, exceptional clinicians (clinical practitioners).

Interpodia Technology Corp. (2019)

Interpodia specializes in delivering membership and registration technology to sporting federations, events, teams, and clubs. Through innovation and the clever use of technology, Interpodia allows organizations to improve the participant experience, reduce administration, boost engagement, and increase regulatory compliance. Operating for more than a decade, Interpodia is passionate about helping sporting organizations realize their goals. This company is one of the few WUTIF companies impacted substantially by COVID-19. However, the company raised additional capital in June 2020. WUTIF invested an additional $22K on attractive terms.

Inverted.ai (2023)

Inverted.ai is an AI research and product company that is developing generative AI behavioural models for autonomous vehicle (AV) simulations. Their reactive, realistic and diverse non-playable characters (NPCs) provide AV simulations with the unpredictability of humans – helping to accelerate the validation and training of autonomous vehicles. 

Iris Dynamics Ltd. (2021)

Iris Dynamics was founded in 2012 in Victoria, British Columbia. The Company has developed a new type of force controlled electric linear actuator. They have achieved significant design wins in aerospace, industrial, and entertainment applications. Their technology was developed to fill a niche in the market not currently occupied by providing solutions to a significant problem: Actuators are either severely lacking in performance and features or are prohibitively expensive to acquire and maintain.

Keycafe Inc. (2018)

Keycafe provides cutting-edge property access management tools for everybody from individuals renting out their home to enterprises building their sharing economy applications. Keycafe began in a single cafe in Vancouver where the barista would hold keys for local apartment owners and has since evolved into a global network of key exchange locations, enterprise offering, and other solutions including real-time photo ID. Keycafe’s dedicated team of engineers, support, and management have helped facilitate over 1 million key exchanges in 1,200 locations in 51 cities worldwide. The mission is to ensure our customers have a seamless access experience. This company has experienced slower growth because of COVID-19. Nonetheless, sales for the current year are forecast to exceed 2021 sales. Keycafe has pivoted its core focus from hospitality to enterprise key management, and evolving to a “platform” for “contactless operations”.

LetHub (Grit AI Technology Inc.) (2021)

LetHub provides an AI virtual assistant (River) for leasing teams to automate time-consuming tasks such as answering prospective renters questions on amenities, utilities, parking, pet policy, etc as well as scheduling tours. The value proposition is to reduce leasing agent staff time spent on repetitive tasks, freeing up time to allow them to grow their portfolios. Also, the AI’s instant response facilitates units to be rented faster, thereby increasing rental yields.  This is the Founder CEO’s third business; having successfully exited his two earlier ventures.  The company’s main priority over the next 18-month period is to scale its sales and to keep customer conversions high.  

Levr.ai (2023)

Levr is a marketplace platform that connects small and medium-sized businesses with institutional lenders for fast and easy funding. They provide businesses with custom loan options, streamlines the application process and is building a loan manager with artificial intelligence.  

Life 360 Innovations Inc. (2021)

Life360 manufactures and distributes medical devices and products for men with urinary incontinence (UI). Contino®, a first of its kind male UI medical device, was the impetus for Life360 Innovations Inc. (Life360 Innovations). Ken Kunz, the inventor, is now almost 90 years old and still uses Contino® every day. This bears testament to its credibility, effectiveness and ease of use.

Lifebooster Inc. (2020)

Lifebooster is an open-innovation platform technology company operating at the intersection of data analytics, industrial IoT, and Insurtech. They are developing a predictive analytics platform for the enterprise health and safety market. They’re leading the way to change the collection and analysis of quantitative and qualitative data on workplace injury risks. LifeBooster digitizes, automates, and scales proven health and safety practices to enable employers and professional firms to transform how they approach solving the persistent problem of workplace injury.

Lucent Biosceinces Inc. (2020)

Lucent is on a mission to address climate impact on global food security and nutrition by developing solutions that regenerate the land and the oceans while capturing carbon to reverse climate change. Soileos, their first sustainable smart fertilizer for agriculture was developed as a response to the global environmental crisis of soil degradation. Lucent also has a revolutionary sustainable livestock food supplement in the development pipeline, as well as Oceaneosa™, a patent-pending approach to regenerating marine ecosystems to capture carbon and make global fisheries more productive and sustainable.

Mailchannels Corp. (2007)

Mailchannels is focused on email filtering for hosting services. The company provides tools that protect servers from sending spam and identifying bad actors. Sales are in the $3M/year range and the Company expects to triple that over the next 3 years to position itself as an acquisition target.

Mazumago Holdings Ltd. (2020)

Mazumago is a software company that facilitates payments for businesses. They are working with financial institutions to simplify payment processing for businesses of any size. It allows companies to not only send payments but also collect payments from customers.

Melio Peptide Systems Inc. (2021)

Melio Peptide Systems Inc. is an industrial biotechnology company that has developed an embedded solution enabling existing bioethanol yeast to produce anti-microbial peptides (AMPs), optimized against lactic acid bacterial contaminants, while maintaining ethanol yield and productivity.

Mergebase Software Inc. (2020)

Mergebase provides an application security service that detects dangerous vulnerabilities in enterprise applications. These vulnerabilities have been created by the underlying open-source or commercial libraries that an application is using. MergeBase can detect 20-100% more vulnerabilities than any other tool on the market making it the most accurate tool in its class.

Mesentech Inc. (2019)

Dr. Robert Young, an SFU researcher founded the company intending to reduce bone loss. Bones are constantly being remodeled, resorbed by osteoclasts, and regenerated by osteoblasts. In patients with bone diseases, the balance between bone resorption and bone regeneration is lost. While existing treatments can slow down bone degeneration there is currently no safe way to reverse bone loss.

Miru Smart Technologies Corp. (2021)

Miru is a UBC-spin-off that is revolutionizing electrochromic windows to enable broad adoption in the residential, commercial, and automotive sectors. Smart windows modulate incoming solar heat and light to significantly reduce the costs of heating and cooling. Electrochromic windows can integrate with mobile apps, voice-activated smart home technologies, or even the weather network for manual or automated control.

Montfort Capital Inc. (2009) TSXV:MONT

Montfort Capital (formerly TIMIA Capital and GreenAngel Energy Corp) changed its business model from early stage equity investing to growth stage revenue based financingand specialty lending. The Company is increasing its asset base through acquisitions. WUTIF acquired its shares through a share exchange with Paradigm Environmental Technologies – a good thing because Paradigm has been written off. In 2021, the Company merged with Pivot Financial. Shares are currently trading at $.40 to $.50 per share.

Netskrt Systems Inc. (2019)

Netskrt allows transportation companies to provide streaming services to their passengers. Traditionally, rail and air passengers have little, if any, access to the internet content they want to watch. With the Netskrt eCDN™, they can use their existing internet video subscriptions just like they do at home.

Networks for Change Inc. (2018)

Keela™, a SaaS platform, is for charitable organizations to provide them with a complete solution to manage donors and volunteers and make them more effective in their fundraising drives.

Neupeak Robotics Inc. (2022)

Neupeak’s robots are designed to save farmers money by charging a fixed rate per pound of strawberries collected, at a rate competitive with traditional labour. Their robots are designed to work safely among humans, so they can be incorporated into any farm’s operations as seamlessly as possible.

PennyAI Inc. (2018)

PennyAI is developing a SaaS platform to act as a personal assistant for direct sales consultants. It organizes and automates customer orders, prospects, and promotion lists all in one place.

Riipen Networks Inc. (2018)

Riipen Networks has a Software-as-a-Service platform that connects students, companies and educators through meaningful project-based experiential learning, which embeds real-world industry projects into the higher education curriculum.

Saltworks Technologies Inc. (2009)

Saltworks is developing a water desalination technology that uses solar energy to reduce the energy consumption that conventional desalination systems require.

Save Da Sea Foods Inc. (2021)

Save Da Sea makes plant-based seafood. Scientists are predicting that our oceans will collapse by the year 2048. Save Da Sea’s sustainable, plant-based smoked salmon is made from simple ingredients, convincingly mimicking the taste and texture of salmon lox helping reduce environmental impact.

Shop This City Online Inc. (2022)

This is an on-line app that allows shoppers to connect with local boutiques to find brands that they are looking for. It drives traffic to boutiques while also providing brands with customer data.

Solaires Enterprises Inc. (2022)

Solaires produces innovative solar cell technology. Solaires uses perovskite to develop next-generation solar technology that revolutionizes and accelerates the energy transition towards a cleaner world. Perovskite-Based Solar Ink™ allows the fabrication of perovskite film with high energy conversion efficiency and high stability.

Spraywerx Technologies Inc. (2023)

Spraywerx delivers industrially proven, state-of-the-art thermal spray systems, equipment, and technology to organizations around the world. Spraywerx’s equipment is designed to meet a range of customer needs. Spraywerx products range from simple controllers and spray guns to sophisticated turn-key solutions. Along with Spraywerx’ patent-pending ID-Nova HVOF technology, Spraywerx represents a full line of thermal spray and laser cladding products from GTV Germany.

Starling Minds Inc. (2018)

This is a diverse group of people unified with a common mission: to improve the lives of others through access to mental health programs and education by making evidence-based mental health support and education available for everyone. WUTIF topped up its $100K investment by an additional $27K in 2019.

ThisFish Inc. (2018)

ThisFish addresses the problem reported recently in the media regarding the traceability of seafood from the fishing fleet to the consumer’s table. The Company’s software helps fish processors reduce their costs while ensuring that customers receive what they are paying for. The Company has contracts with major Tuna suppliers in the Far East.

Target Tape Inc. (2010)

Target Tape is developing a proprietary system to improve medical procedure and surgical incision localization by improving the information a medical professional needs to localize their procedure.

Techbrew Robotics Inc. (2021)

TechBrew has provided solutions to some of the most challenging automation problems. They provide robotic solutions to a wide variety of industries including agriculture, transportation, and food preparation. For example, TechBrew has developed a vision-guided robot capable of picking, trimming, and placing mushrooms in boxes. The robot attaches to the farm’s existing shelving, eliminating the need for changes to infrastructure. They are transportable, moving easily between growing rooms when needed.

Total Flow Medical Ltd. (2021)

Total Flow Medical has a novel, specialized tubing (cannula) that ensures blood flow to a patient’s leg during extracorporeal circulation procedures (use of heart-lung machine). The new design enables surgeons to pursue preventive treatment or implement an immediate rescue strategy without additional devices or surgical procedures.

TrafficDriven Technologies Inc. (2022)

TrafficDriven is developing an Online vehicle marketplace branded as MintList that is designed to eliminate consumer pain points and increase car dealer inventory turnover.  (website: https://mintlist.com)

Umbracity Innovations Inc. (2019)

UmbraCity allows users to borrow and return umbrellas across a network of automated umbrella rental kiosks. The umbrellas also provide advertisers with highly visible advertising opportunities.

Upperstage Apollo LP (2021)

This is a limited partnership that has taken over Talius, a manufacturer of energy efficient rollshutters and habitat screens.

Vitamin-One Formulas Ltd. (2020)

Doing business as VitaminLab, the Company provides consumers with a personalized vitamin based on their body chemistry. Using one’s health history or vitamin testing, the company can create a daily, single formula vitamin.

VoxCell BioInnovation. (2022)

VoxCell has created a line of solutions for the drug development industry. Their novel BioInks and 3D printed, human-like Tissue Models can be used for more meaningful in vitro testing. Their solutions will increase confidence in new drug candidates and decrease the failure rate (currently more than 95% of new drugs in the pipeline fail), ultimately impacting the speed at which new therapies can get to market.   

Web Monitoring Technologies Inc. (2021)

The Company’s visualping.io website allows users to monitor website changes. Whenever content on a specified website page changes, users can be notified of the changes. This eliminates the need for constantly checking on the status of a price, event or activity on a web page.

Wizedemy Inc. (2021)

This is an education company that provides on-line tutoring in technical subjects. They support students from Grade 9 through Graduate Prep, across thousands of high schools and universities. They’ve helped over 100,000 students.  98% of students are reporting better grades and 96% reporting time saved in doing so.

Zymeworks Inc. (2005) NYSE:ZYME; TSX:ZYME

Zymeworks is committed to the development of best in class antibody and protein therapeutics for the treatment of cancer, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. Zymeworks combines proprietary molecular simulation technology with high performance computing to design and optimize protein therapeutics. In September, 2011, Zymeworks announced the completion of a financing totaling $8.1 million. Zymeworks will use the proceeds to advance its Azymetric™ and AlbuCORE™ platforms, as well as the development of Zymeworks’ best-in-class protein therapeutics pipeline in the areas of cancer, autoimmunity and inflammatory diseases.

In April, 2017, Zymeworks completed an IPO and is now listed on the New York and Toronto Stock Exchanges under the ticker symbol, “ZYME”.

For more information or for introductions to these companies, please contact Aaron Stuart: astuart@wutif.ca
Last Updated: 2023.06.05