Welcome to WUTIF Capital (VCC) Inc – an angel fund created by angel investors for Entrepreneurs in British Columbia, B.C.

WUTIF allows investors to enjoy superb tax breaks – not to mention potential upside from a large investment portfolio!

On a $10,000 investment,  investors can get back up to 80% thanks to two tax incentives:

  • 30% refundable* tax credit from the B.C. government
  • 50% in RRSP deductions or..
    use cash already in an RRSP and get 30% provincial credit, tax-free
    [*this is as good as cash. If you have no income or taxes owing, you get a cheque]

Shares are being offered until December 31, 2023.

Join more than 100 angel investors who have invested in over 140 promising ventures.

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